S’poreans react to K Shanmugam’s comment that Workers’ Party intends to form next government

Posted on 07 September 2015

Three thoughts that must have went past your mind at some point.


Law and Foreign Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam said it is clear that the Workers’ Party (WP) has its eye on forming the government in the future, based on what Workers’ Party chairwoman had said at her GE2015 rally last week.

WP said that if it forms the government, it will get rid of GRCs and the Nominated MP scheme, among other moves.

Here are three thoughts Singaporeans have:


sian-half-auntie “No, no, Workers’ Party contest in election is so that they can get into parliament and blow air-con.”
Leng Qi Ji, 41-year-old electronic goods supplier


sian-half-uncle “Workers’ Party’s ambition is different from PAP’s as it doesn’t include ruining Singaporeans’ lives.”
Gong Ren Dang, 64-year-old factory worker


happy-bird-girl “At least the Workers’ Party has ambition, unlike the PAP.”
Mei Qian Tu, 17-year-old student










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