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Small turnout causes PAP to hold rally at kopitiam, reservation for 8 pax

Posted on 06 September 2015

Some 200,000 voters expected to be at Workers’ Party’s Simei rally.


The PAP is holding its election rally at a kopitiam with a reservation for eight pax, with speeches being given while supporters order and eat their food.

This after PAP rallies have attracted a small turnout the previous few nights of General Election 2015 campaigning, leaving a lot of room for attendees to drift off and not pay attention to what the PAP rally speakers are saying.

The PAP has since come out to defend their decision of holding a rally at a coffee shop.

A PAP spokesperson, Poh Lan Pah, said: “The PAP has always never been a populist party. That is why we have so little followers and we are generally not popular.”

“But our small following means that we can make unpopular decisions on behalf of Singaporeans as we do not need to consult anyone or hear what the population-at-large have to say because they didn’t even come to our rallies to support us in the first place.”

“It is a kind of retribution, in a way.”

At press time, some 200,000 people are expected to attend the Workers’ Party’s rally in Simei, a popular party in the midst of a hotbed of opposition support and activity.






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  • hexa_gone

    “Jannie Chan: Opposition rallies are popular because they promise freebies
    They’re emotional n misrepresent
    Sad to see many cannot differentiate.”

    interestingly most people would call it all freebies when it’s paid with tax regardless of parties and indeed no one called it free on the opposition camp.
    why would trading an limbs, dignity and roof be more ‘normal’ than getting a fair due from your tax contributions rather than based on how close to the inner circle you are from the ‘natural aristocrat’?