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Majority of S’poreans would have picked SG$50 over SG50 celebrations

Posted on 30 September 2015

They wished they were given SG$50 each as part of SG50 celebrations.


Singaporeans from all walks of life from the 70 percent and 30 percent and who always have an opinion on hand to dish out if asked for one, have revealed that the majority of them were in favour of SG$50 over SG50 celebrations.

This after a survey found that given a chance to participate in a SG50 celebration event or be given SG$50, more than 99 percent of survey respondents said they have no qualms chasing gains and will rather take the cash on any given day than go for celebrations.

Interestingly, the survey also discovered that when given a chance to pay SG$50 to avoid taking part in a SG50 event, a resounding majority — some 85 percent of respondents — still said they would suffer losses just to avoid being part of festivities.

However, far from being seen as a negative trait among Singaporeans, the authorities have justified this behaviour as uniquely SG50, if we all looked at it their way.

A government spokesperson, Tao Nao Pai, said: “The desire to pick SG$50 over SG50 celebrations indicate a willingness to still be part of SG50 festivities as SG$50 notes still have “50” in them.”

“This readiness to embrace SG$50 could be due to the fact we have been increasing production of SG$50 notes in a bid to remind Singaporeans of SG50 celebrations subtly.”

“Naysayers who accuse the government of always reverse-engineering to make reality fit the plans, fail to understand that this is a technique called ‘Forward Thinking Backwards’.”

“This is where we do something first and then only come up with the significance and justifications later after all is said and done, so that it is imbued with meaning.”

“It has been going well thus far.”

“But no, we don’t believe in giving out SG$50 cash rewards for Singaporeans in this SG50 year as it will only cause a crutch mentality to develop.”






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