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S’poreans look forward to anti-climax at the conlusion of SG50 Aug. 9 National Day celebrations

Posted on 02 August 2015

What lies at the end of the rainbow? Generally, nothing.


Singaporeans from all walks of life who are future-proof and like to prepare for things, said they are looking forward to the anti-climax to befall them at the conclusion of the SG50 Aug. 9, 2015 National Day celebrations.

This after they said they can foresee that the year-long SG50 ra-ra-ing so far will end up reverting back to the ho-hum status quo in no time.

One Singaporean, See Baey Xian, said: “I can’t wait for that moment where we will be at the National Day Parade wondering if this is really it. After one full year of foreplay, this is what it has come down to: Same old same old.”

“The look on everybody’s faces will be priceless.”

Other Singaporeans said they will extend their thoughts to fellow Singaporeans when the moment arrives.

Another local, Jiak Hong, said: “I’ll be looking at my fellow Singaporeans in Singapore and we will be wondering what our fellow Singaporeans who are overseas on holiday are doing, if they are having more of a blast than us.”

“I live for the anticipation that the anticipation will be nothing.”

“That is the true blue Singaporean experience to live for.”






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