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S’pore govt confident enough superficial SG50 celebration ideas to last till Aug. 9

Posted on 02 August 2015

Civil servants across ministries will work day and night on it to maximise taxpayers’ dollars.


Saying that running out of superficial SG50 celebration ideas before Singapore’s National Day is not an option, top officials in the Singapore government have vowed to continue to work day and night to ensure that enough random ideas that don’t even make sense are conceived to tide Singapore through the next seven days till Aug. 9, 2015.

Jin Boh Leow, a top government spokesperson, said initial fears of not having enough superficial celebration ideas to last till Singapore’s 50th birthday one more week down the road were overwrought, as not all civil servants in the public sector have been deployed to think about even more nonsensical ideas in full strength: “I have no doubts that the civil service can deliver when it comes to the inane and banal.”

The spokesperson added: “If you thought making SG50 fish cakes was the hallmark of creativity in the name of celebration, I can bet you my next 13th month bonus, you’ve seen nothing yet.”

Sources familiar with how superficial pointless ideas are generated within the government said the process has been sped up the past week, with civil servants spending the remainder of their office hours not sending emails thinking of ideas not inspired or even related to Singapore’s history or circumstances.

However, there are rules-of-thumb that civil servants can follow that have been foolproof.

Another civil servant, Tao Jin Tia, said the key to coming up with SG50 celebration ideas is to think of things that are completely unrelated to Singapore and national day and proposing it anyways: “We just had this idea to get few thousand people to wear balloon hats together, and from there, work backwards to cook up a story about community-building and slap the #SG50 hashtag on it.”

“The trick is to have no link between the event and national day celebrations because the process of putting one and one together for a nice narrative will be left to the mainstream media, who are pioneers of cooking up stories out of thin air.”

At press time, other ways to celebrate SG50 that have been thought up include serving mee pok with exactly 50 strands of noodles in each bowl, having children shout “I am SG50″ 50 times in a row each morning and wearing 50 t-shirts one on top of another to symbolise Singapore’s growth.






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