S’porean invents first truly practical self-driving car that moves off whenever summon auntie approaches

Posted on 07 July 2015

We need this.


Addressing the common public complaint that most of today’s new technology is rather lousy and doesn’t serve humanity in a meaningful useful manner, a Singaporean inventor vowed that his latest invention will not only change the way people drive but enhance drivers’ experience with law enforcers.

Unveiling the prototype at a press conference, Teo Sah Man, a Singaporean inventor told a packed audience amidst loud cheers that the self-driving car he has built can detect summon aunties on foot from 100 metres away and can even be programmed to recognise motorcycle-riding Cisco attendants.

The self-driving car will then take evasive action by fleeing the scene before it can be booked for illegal parking or not putting coupon.

“However, the prototype is not perfect. It still has a tendency to run over the summon aunties half the time they are detected in a desperate attempt to flee the premises,” Teo said as louder cheers erupted.

Singaporeans from all walks of life who are sick and tired of summon aunties, said this latest invention will change the way they park forever.

Luan Pa Chia, a local, said: “Finally, the future has arrived.”

“All your double yellow lines are belong to us.”








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