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At least one person took part in viral Pang Sai Challenge during North-South, East-West lines breakdown

Posted on 07 July 2015

Challenge rules stated that you must pang sai when you don’t want to do something to get out of it.


In September 2014, a viral phenomenon swept through Singapore as large numbers of people took part in the viral Pang Sai Challenge, where participants pang sai on the spot to get out of doing something they refused to do.

This viral Pang Sai Challenge is similar in scope to the Ice Bucket Challenge, where participants dump a bucket of ice water over their heads to avoid donating to charity.

It turns out, the viral Pang Sai Challenge might have returned as at least one person took part in it during the 7/7/2015 complete collapse of the SMRT North-South and East-West lines system.

A photo circulating on social media showed that one participant must have felt that the only way to avoid doing something, for example, continue standing in a crowded train carriage, is to let one rip.

This would have effectively put him or her out of a situation he or she didn’t want to be in.

Previously, participants said they took part in the challenge last year as a way to get out of everyday situations on the streets.

Zhuo Sheng Yi, a Singaporean, said: “I was approached by a financial consultant on the street to do a survey. I refused, but he was quite persistent, saying it is only three questions and will only take two minutes. So, I just pang sai on the spot.”

“He left me alone after that.”

Another local, Tun Xia Lai, said he has personally taken the Pang Sai Challenge a few times: “If you get approached by people asking for donations and you don’t want to make a donation, you must pang sai on the spot. That’s the rule.”

“Usually once you pang sai on the spot, everyone will leave you alone. Donation tin flag sellers, insurance agents asking you to fill in survey forms, credit card salespersons and Mormons.”

“All of them will just walk away from you.”








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