Those who bought fake degrees have wasted their money as S’pore reiterates commitment to having fewer graduates

Posted on 12 May 2015

The shift away from university education has resulted in real degrees being valued as much as fake degrees.


Having a real degree in Singapore these days doesn’t mean you will get a head start in your career.

And neither does having a fake degree nor owning one of those degrees from an online degree mill give you a better chance at acing the interview and securing employment.

This after the government said Singapore will screen candidates for job openings by putting more emphasis on relevant skills of potential hires and determining the amount of experience they have, as Singapore is committed to having fewer degree holders in the future.

Singaporeans from all walks of life who heard this news said it is good news.

One Singaporean, Shang Da Xue, said: “Too bad for those who went to all that trouble to go to university and study three or four years. Worse, those who study part-time or take a year or two off to study full-time for a degree while working.”

“Looks like they’ve wasted their efforts as everyone is viewed to be degree-less and equal now.”

“However, worse still for those who bothered to buy a degree or MBA from one of those degree mills. They have really wasted few thousand dollars for nothing.”

Even foreigners said this news is reassuring.

Pian Ren De, a foreigner who has just finished his graduate studies via a degree mill, said: “It is reassuring to hear that there are government agencies looking into a person’s credentials and past work not just placing emphasis on the fact that the potential hire has a fake degree or one from a degree mill.”

“It’s really great the Singapore government is serious with its message of focusing on reducing the number of graduates and this has caused real degrees and fake degrees to be all alike.”

“Looks like it is time to beef up on the work-related experience,” he said with a wink.


Fake degrees used to be more useful in Singapore:

Fake degree mills earn street cred after its graduates successfully find employment in S’pore


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