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S’porean man halfway through 91cm-in-91-days run to pay tribute to Lee Kuan Yew

Posted on 26 May 2015

Another 45cm to go in the next 45 days.


A seasoned short distance endurance runner is now in the second stretch of the LKY91 run, where he has been running 1cm daily over the past 46 days.

The short distance runner, Mai Sng Seow, is still pushing on strong, keeping his focus very much on the remaining journey of 45cm over the next 45 days.

This is a running feat that will see him complete 91cm over 91 consecutive days, or 1cm per day. He started the mission in April, and is now on his last 45 days.

The pace has been gruelling although he has now settled into a routine. As to what keeps him going, he said it is his desire to make a significant contribution to Singapore as it turns 50, as well as to pay tribute to the nation’s founding father, the late Lee Kuan Yew, who passed away at age 91.

“In order for our country to continue to be successful, we need the values of resilience, determination and perseverance. Personally, I consider myself very ordinary, in terms of ability, but I have this slogan that says, ‘Ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary feats’,” he said.

This feat would not be possible without the support and encouragement that the man has been receiving from family, friends, colleagues and the public since he started on the 1cm-a-day run.

An entourage of runners, pacers and volunteers is with him every step of the way.

Mai’s wife has also put her life on hold, getting up every morning to prepare energy drinks, fruits and energy gels for all the runners.

“I would like to dedicate this run to our nation and also to hopefully motivate more people to take up exercise as a form of lifestyle,” Mai said.

Some of the challenges the short distance endurance runner faces are heat and humidity, and getting used to the short distances as he has had experience of running longer distances of between 50cm to four metres, as and when he gets off the couch to answer the phone or head to the fridge to get a cold sausage to munch on during commercial breaks.

He said previously: “I don’t think I have tried to go a full 1cm without over-exceeding the distance before. To do 1cm each time will send my body into shock as I have to prevent myself from completing the full 91cm distance in just one day.”

His run will end with celebrations of fireworks to mark this wondrous achievement of the human body and also to remember Lee Kuan Yew.


When he first made the pledge to run 91cm in 91 days, people thought that he was risking his life:

S’porean man vows to run 91cm in 91 days to pay tribute to Lee Kuan Yew










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