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Self-sufficient S’poreans so self-reliant they start their own parliament

Posted on 30 May 2015

They have decided to dispense with parliamentary politics and no longer need to rely on the state for anything.


Saying that they have achieved self-sufficiency and are self-reliant enough to see to all their own needs including those of their surrounding community, a group of Singaporeans have started their own parliament.

This after they felt they no longer need to rely on the state for anything, such as democratic representation, elected officials and parliamentary politics.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Zhuo Zong Li, one of the self-reliant Singaporeans, said this leaves them with no choice but to divert all their leftover resources to building up the community and representing other Singaporeans’ interests by themselves: “As self-reliant Singaporeans, our group has come to recognise our own abilities in providing for ourselves and the rest. So, we hope to alleviate the burden of others who might not be as self-reliant yet.”

“Moreover, we do not discriminate on who we can help or who we choose to represent, unlike the current political parties in parliament that are governed by each of their own narrow partisan beliefs and ideologies, catered to certain segments of Singaporean society.”

On their decision to dispense with parliamentary politics altogether, Zhuo said it is something Singapore needs now: “As we are not elected officials, no one can ever accuse us of being partisan as we are not into party politicking and we truly serve one and all.”

“We would even be keen to serve the interests of current MPs in parliament if need be.”

Other self-reliant Singaporeans said starting their own parliament to address concerns and issues of other Singaporeans-at-large is in line with the state’s original message of not developing a crutch mentality and doing what one can to help others, be it family or friends.

Zho Zeng Hu, another self-reliant Singaporean, said: “We have always been chastised by the government that we shouldn’t be reliant on the state for help, resources and support networks, or else, we’d lapse into a crutch mentality. So now, we just take things to their logical conclusion.”

“By being self-sufficient citizens who can provide ourselves everything, including our own parliament, in the process, we can also give back to the community and constituents by representing their interests.”

At press time, the self-sufficient citizens said they are looking to starting their own military as they no longer need to rely on the state for providing them with defence.


Some have started their own army for other reasons:

500 S’porean men, women & children start volunteer army to protect MINDEF from online harassment










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