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Male colleague convinced new female colleague standing beside him means office romance brewing

Posted on 25 May 2015

He is thinking of how he will propose just before lunch.


Increasingly convinced that his new female colleague is definitely into him, office worker Ai Shan Ni has hatched a plan over the course of the last few minutes that would involve wooing, getting more romantically involved and eventually marrying his co-worker who is just starting her first day of work in the office.

“The moment she entered my department this morning, I knew we will have a instant connection. And I was right,” the infatuated puppy said. “When we gathered around the meeting room for our first introductions, out of the whole crowd of 20-plus people gathered, she had to stand beside me.”

“I can tell from her body language, with her arms at her side, she was at no point adopting a defensive stance.”

“That was definitely a sign we are meant to be,” he said excitedly. “At one point, our arms even brushed against each other.”

Sources familiar with the morning’s proceedings in the office confirmed that their male colleague’s thoughts went as far as how to introduce her to his close friends and family, once they subtly announce their relationship status together via Facebook, which will be much to the surprise of their mutual friends, who they have yet to share any, as she is still new on her first day.

Before lunch, other sources confirmed their male colleague was entertaining thoughts of settling down and having kids with her, but not before buying a flat together after he proposes to her at a hilltop resort in the Alps, where she would presume was just a regular couple’s holiday on their second anniversary together.

At press time, Ai said things are surely getting serious and right on track as they are going for lunch together, accompanied by only four other co-workers, one of whom he believes, is out to steal her away from him.


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