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Jay Chou became highly religious after Sun Ho inspired him with her Crossover music

Posted on 20 May 2015

Sun Ho’s music was a major turning point in his otherwise heathen life.


Sources familiar with prominent Taiwanese superstar pop idol Jay Chou said he was deeply inspired by City Harvest church singer Sun Ho’s music from her Crossover Project.

This after Sun Ho, who is the co-founder and wife of City Harvest church pastor, Kong Hee — who is one of the six accused of misusing church money — told the court on Monday when she took the stand that her music had helped inspire loads of artistes to embrace her religion and Jay Chou was one of them.

A representative familiar with Jay Chou has since said that the Taiwanese pop idol had received abundant grace and blessings in his heathen life but only took the firm step in the religious direction after he listened to life-altering China Wine song and watch its video.

China Wine, a song with a music video that showed a Chinese woman dressed as a partially-clothed geisha doing dirty moves with her body in a moving tribute to her maker, has been credited with helping Sun Ho spread the message of her religion throughout the world with its heartfelt portrayals of caring for others and promoted the message of forgiveness and empathy.

The representative also emphasised that Jay Chou had embraced religion because his life had been touched personally by that particular song by Sun Ho and not because he observed the tenets of the religious belief on his own accord, as initially believed to be the case by his fans and followers.

Xing Ye Shu, a fan familiar with Jay Chou’s life, said: “Before China Wine came along and touched his heart and moved his spirit, Jay Chou was a heathen who made music for himself. Now he makes music to replicate the uplifting feeling bestowed by a song like China Wine.”

“Deeply moving and tear-jearking.”

The Mandarin pop icon also reportedly said that since he submitted himself to the tenets of Sun Ho’s religion, at no point in time did he think China Wine was not a good song to do QT (Quiet Time) to.

At press time, China Wine is continuing to covert the masses as shouts of “Oh gawd! Save me!” were heard whenever the song or music video was played.


At least two lives were saved:

Sun Ho’s ‘China Wine’ saved at least two souls since 2007



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