500 S’porean men, women & children start volunteer army to protect MINDEF from online harassment

Posted on 19 May 2015

News of harassment affected locals so much they have taken situation into own hands.


Concerned that the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) is unable to sufficiently protect itself from repeated online harassment, 500 Singaporean men, women and children have started a volunteer army unit to help stave off any further intimidation.

This after it was reported that the donation-dependent website, The Online Citizen, had successfully harassed MINDEF, despite the ministry expending billions of dollars on defence spending each year to acquire technologically-sophisticated weaponry to protect Singapore and itself from greater external threats.

One of the local men, Jin Seow Onn, who is chief commander of the volunteer army, said he, his wife and three children were deeply moved by the plight of MINDEF after reading about it in the news detailing its struggle to put up a resistance against an online website run by a handful of volunteers: “I cannot sit idly by as MINDEF is getting cyber assaulted by shadowy, nebulous figures on the Internet,” he said as he wiped the tears of patriotic anguish from his eyes.

“MINDEF’s inability to protect itself has moved me to act on their behalf. I pledge to keep MINDEF safe from any threats posed by websites emanating from Singapore that provoke the sovereignty of Singapore by targeting our military defence ministry with thousands of clicks generated by other Internet users.”

Other Singaporean men said MINDEF’s struggle at fending for itself is proof that Total Defence is a mindset that needs to be cultivated from young.

One such local man, Bao Hu Guo, said: “That is why I am getting my two children, aged three and four, to join me in this struggle for what is right and what is pure.”

“I need to remind them, and other Singaporeans at large, if we do not do anything to protect MINDEF, then nobody else would.”

“We cannot let the weak face any more adversity alone.”


Oh no! MINDEF is in trouble:

Donation-dependent website successfully harasses multi-billion-dollar MINDEF military organisation










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