S’poreans applaud Navy military girl for being a real social media influencer while having a day job

Posted on 07 April 2015

This is unlike the other social media charlatans in Singapore who rely on handouts.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who are head over heels over Republic of Singapore Navy girl Clarie Teo (rank Military Expert 1), are also praising her for being a real life social media influencer.

This after a Navy recruitment video masqueraded as profile video of her got disseminated far and wide online, proving that she has real clout as a social media influencer and an expert at attracting attention.

One Singaporean, Yong Dian Nao, praised Clarie for being a real social media influnencer while having a real day job serving the country: “This is so unlike the other so-called social media influencers in Singapore who are not even gainfully employed and rely on sponsorship handouts to survive. So shameful”

“Clarie has a day job, doesn’t have plastic surgery and she is able to reach out to a large audience without shedding any clothes. This is unlike the other charlatans who have to be in various states of undress to attract any attention.”

At press time, it is rumoured that Xiaxue might be looking to have a spat with her.


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