Homosexuals in S’pore regretting boycott, hard-pressed to find another furniture retailer as affordable as IKEA

Posted on 20 April 2015

Where else can they get a cabinet for S$39 or meatballs with mystery brown sauce?


Homosexuals in Singapore from all walks of life, who are boycotting IKEA for supporting an upcoming July performance by a local gay-bashing magician, are finding themselves in a quagmire.

They are regretting their decision to boycott the mega furniture store as they are now hard-pressed to find another retailer that is as convenient and can compete with a wide variety of affordable goods that appeal to their aesthetic taste.

Tong Xing Lian, a local gay man, said: “I disagree with IKEA Singapore’s support for that Lawrence Khong magician, who only know how to perform tricks, but I am also finding it hard not to go there to buy something.”

“Saying I am boycotting IKEA is effectively saying I am never going to buy furniture ever again.”

Non-homosexual Singaporeans from all walks of life said boycotting IKEA is easier said than done as it would mean saying goodbye to the signature meatballs with mystery brown sauce, a dish that will soon be recognised as a Singapore delicacy at the rate we are consuming those balls.

One local non-homosexual person, Yi Xing Lian, said: “Good luck trying not to eat at the biggest cafeteria in Singapore.”

At press time, the furniture retailer is reviewing its support for the magic show and reiterated it is committed to diversity worldwide, like how they have a diverse range of furniture designs.


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