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Crossover Project would have been worldwide success had Serina Wee fronted it as lead singer

Posted on 17 April 2015

She shouldn’t have sung backup for Sun Ho.


Singaporean men from all walks of life let out a collective sigh of regret when they read in the newspaper on April 17, 2015, that Serina Wee was the backup singer for Sun Ho.

All the Singaporean men agreed that City Harvest could have avoided all its current legal problems only if they had bet on the right horse, which is Serina Wee, The Goddess of Nectar And All Things Divine.

One Singaporean man, Xing Ye Shu, said: “City Harvest wouldn’t have to spend so much money promoting Serina Wee if she was the lead singer. She just needs to show up and everyone within her vicinity will be slain by the spirit.”

“And she don’t even need to be in various states of undress in music videos to attract attention. She can just be herself and everybody would be high.”

The implications of Serina Wee’s prowess is also believed to be world-altering.

Another local, Hen Ai Ni, said the success of the Crossover Project would have been overwhelming had Serina Wee recorded the albums instead: “If Serina Wee sing songs and make album, we’d all be converted by now, the blind can see and the deaf can hear.”

“But too bad it was Sun Ho who sing. No wonder all in court now.”


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