ACS (Barker) carnival tickets would have sold out immediately if event was held at Zouk

Posted on 12 April 2015

Mismatch in demand and supply can be easily fixed with some planning in the future.


The recent news about Anglo-Chinese School (Barker) boys feeling pressured by their principal Peter Tan to sell tickets for their school’s carnival have caused bystanders who read about the issue to be confused.

This after it was reported that the ACS boys who were left holding unsold tickets faced the prospect of buying the tickets themselves as demand for the event was low.

Singaporeans from all walks of life said the under-subscription and high number of unsold tickets could have been solved easily with some planning.

Kee Tiao Bu, a local, said there would have been an over-demand if the carnival was held at Zouk: “Every Friday and Saturday, you can easily find many ex-AC boys at Zouk and many other night clubs, where they willingly pay $50 to $60 for coverage and some drinks to be there.”

“If ACS planned the event such that it included convent girls, the news would have been how tickets to the carnival are being snapped up so fast they end up on the black market.”

“In that event, if each boy was given 20 tickets to sell, with each costing $10, on the black market they would have been trading for $100 each.”


This is how you make things hot and with demand:

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