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S’porean women angry that feminists are angry over Ritz Carlton high heels discount promotion

Posted on 15 March 2015

Feminists complain, other women suffer.

By Seow Char Boar


A large faction of Singaporean women all across the island are disappointed after Ritz Carlton withdrew its Stiletto Tuesdays promotion in the wake of protests by angry feminists.

In a long article written by one such angry feminist which was published online, Ritz Carlton was blamed for having overpriced food, excluding drag queens and being sexist by encouraging women to wear heels.

This withdrawal caused other women who are not angry feminists to go head-to-head with angry feminists, as they don’t mind putting on heels for discounts.

One angry non-feminist, Hen Ai, said: “I dug out my 10-inch heels just for next Tuesday. I was hoping to get a 100% discount and eat free. 10% off per inch and 10 times 10 is 100, right?”

Her friend, Bo Lui, said angry feminists are ruining it for everyone: “This angry feminist who write the letter must be very free and must be quite rich too.”

“Not everyone has $72 to blow away. She may not be able to wear heels but she shouldn’t stop those of us who can from enjoying the promotion. Now I’ll never be able to eat at the Ritz. It’s my greatest regret in life,” she said as she burst into tears.

“Is she going to complain about Ladies’ Night being sexist next…?”

Unfortunately she was unable to complete her sentence as she was slapped and reminded of the duo’s plans for the evening.

Another woman, Hiao Lao Bu, also expressed consternation: “I had just bought my husband a Polo Ralph Lauren shirt to meet a restaurant’s dress code. Luckily for me, there’s no dress code for women so I didn’t need to get a new dress.”

“But with the promotion ended, I can’t go to the Ritz without busting my weekly budget. I’m
very careful with my husband’s money, you know? I may be a stay-at-home housewife who takes money from my husband but I’m very thrifty.”

Sources informed New Nation that several angry feminists could not be reached for comment as they were in the midst of filing their income tax returns and trying to claim foreign maid levy relief, since their husbands were not eligible for it as they are male.


This post was written by Seow Char Boar. She has been called mad, but she thinks that she’s the only sane person in a crazy world. She was unable to get a bottle of vodka at Overeasy, but was looking forward to 50% off her bill next Tuesday night.


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