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Loud booming voice heard as rainbow appeared over Marina Barrage: ‘I will take care of you all!’

Posted on 29 March 2015

Singaporeans debating if it was really Lee Kuan Yew’s voice they heard.


Singaporeans from all walks of life who watched Lee Kuan Yew’s funeral carried out all afternoon, said they saw a rainbow appear over Marina Barrage at the conclusion of the procession on Sunday, March 29, 2015.

This led to scores of Singaporeans to post on Facebook photos of the rainbow and an account of what happened.

In many of these posts, Singaporeans said they heard a loud booming voice accompany the rainbow’s appearance, saying something along the lines of “I will take care of you all!”

One Singaporean, Cai Hong, said she saw the rainbow with her own eyes and heard the voice with her own ears: “It was a magical moment. Almost as if it was surreal.”

“I thought it was a pretty Care Bear moment, but I know I heard the voice of Lee Kuan Yew ring out across Singapore.”

Other Singaporeans, however, were more sceptical about the social media posts.

One Singaporean, Bu Xiang Xing, said: “I doubt the authenticity of the posts. How did they know the voice was from Lee Kuan Yew?”

“I personally thought I heard ‘I go Tekka wait for you’.”

“I believe the rainbow photo though. As long as it is on Facebook, it must be real.”


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