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August 7 declared Lee Kuan Yew Day, a new annual public holiday

Posted on 14 March 2015

Children and adults are encouraged to dress up as Lee Kuan Yew that day.


In a bid to remind Singaporeans that Lee Kuan Yew is still the leader and always will be, Aug. 7 has been declared Lee Kuan Yew Day in honour of our founding father.

This new public holiday will start in 2015 as part of SG50 celebrations and will be an annual public holiday added to the calender of public holidays.

A government spokesperson, Fang Chang Jia, said: “This SG50 Aug. 7 to 10 long weekend will be called Lee Kuan Yew Weekend to celebrate Singapore’s jubilee year.”

“As part of festivities, the Botanic Gardens, Gardens By The Bay and various other places will host several performances from Aug. 7 to 9 dedicated to Lee Kuan Yew. Children and adults are encouraged to dress up like Lee Kuan Yew in honour of him.”

Singaporeans from all walks of life said they are ecstatic to hear that there will be an extra day of public holiday during National Day period, all thanks to Lee Kuan Yew founding a country like Singapore when he could have settled on being a Malaysian back in the 1960s.

Kee Jiak Hong, a local, said: “Oh my goodness, I can’t wait to book a short trip to Bangkok on that National Day long weekend.”

Zeh Puay Kee, another Singaporean, said: “Long weekend shiok. Can go overseas and enjoy cheap food and entertainment.”

“Thank you, Lee Kuan Yew.”


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  • james woo

    yes look at how people are planning to celebrate!

  • tj

    Why must be lky let be singaporean day..that help us be more nationalism; to love singapore like American of their own country. As present noticed that singaporeans are not in love of Singapore no thanks to lky

    • LOL is a satire/parody site – this is fake.

  • Sotong Joli

    There is a holiday for Martin Luther King but I stand to be corrected.

  • lawrence


  • Jason Ong

    pls get facts right – already in Governmant Gazette

    • fba90130 .

      That’s sort of twisting the facts. That’s the one-off SG-50 holiday.

  • P.L.

    It’s a very sad that, from many of the comments received at this web site, Singaporeans have been so brain-washed and spoon-fed that they are incapable of basic discernment.

  • Appasaheb B Naikal

    As per Governmant Gazette Holiday is called SG50 holiday not LYK Holiday

  • Aba

    It is just a one off, there is no media release saying it would be annually.

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  • lamearticle

    this isnt even funny

  • alan

    Thats the reason why he wantrd to controol media. From all theae rubbish to chance and corrupt.minds.

  • nette

    Like it said in the banner, newnation, 50% real news.. although i think it’s more like 10% real news…

  • mhygjjh limgeb

    Some people actually take satire as fact.

  • John Wick

    Yes this obviously is satire…but in very bad taste not matter what your political leanings might be. You serioisly think this is funny?

  • net

    Rude much?

  • Nooraini Abdul Bari

    A satire in poor taste during a national mourning. If the public really want to show appreciation towards our founding father, we shld rally for A Remembrance Day on every March 23. Can be a public holiday not for us to pack our bags & go for a vacation but for us and the future generation to be reminded of The Great Man. Perhaps, the govt may see this kind of proposal as constructive. If you all really want another public holiday, pls rally this proposal. It is not meant for any particular community but for the people of Singapore.

  • js

    i usually enjoy the satirical articles here, until this one. ha. this is really in poor taste. PUI.

  • Tham Zhiwei

    Insensitive. There are boundaries one should never cross. Be respectful for goodness sake. If you’ve nothing to contribute, just shut up. 不说话没人会当你是哑巴

  • kw

    Crap…..! Another false and Lie information.

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  • Phin Pie

    10/10 click8 i r8 8/8