Voices of S’poreans is 50% Australian: One of the two people behind The Real Singapore arrested is a foreigner

Posted on 18 February 2015

TRS readers angry that foreigners have come to Singapore to steal jobs and website.


The Singapore Police has confirmed on Feb. 17, 2015 that two people behind The Real Singapore website have been arrested for sedition.

The duo, a Singaporean, 26 and an Australian woman, 22, were picked up “for posting remarks online that could promote ill-will and hostility among the different races in Singapore”.

Singaporeans from all walks of life, who until this very day did not know that their voices were actually 50% Australian, said they were incensed as TRS has been revealed to be a website run by foreign trash.

Wai Guo Ren, a TRS reader, said this revelation has confirmed his suspicion that his funny way of speaking and writing was never his own doing but some foreigner’s fault: “Orh… So when we speak Singlish is actually Engrish mixed with Australian Engrish one lah. I see, neh say earlier.”

“Must be all the chao ang moh fault. Come to Singapore and pollute my Engrish and take away my job.”

“Now foreigners use a website to incite hatred in Singapore.”

Another TRS reader, Gong See Mee, said the reason TRS is half Australian is because FT come to Singapore and take away jobs as PAP let them because liberal immigration policy: “Now even TRS also cannot be run by True Blue Singaporeans! All the foreigners come to Singapore to steal our jobs!”

“Foreigners have even come and steal a Singaporean website to whack foreigners! They are depriving Singaporeans of their freedom of speech! PAPPIES rule SINKIES! Jobs for foreigners, NS for locals!”

“Foreigners now can commit sedition!”

However, other TRS readers who are more analytical, said the PAP government is to be blamed for not protecting TRS website from foreign trash infiltration, and as a result, letting the website become pro FT.

One TRS reader, Luan Luan Xiang, who felt this way, said: “As a result of the PAP doing a bad job protecting TRS, TRS has become pro-FT. This is the extent of the failure of the PAP economic growth-at-all-cost policy.”

“By focusing on growing the economy, Singapore has handed everything over to be run and profited by foreigners.”

“And no wonder TRS is so lousy and factually-inaccurate is because the website is run by a foreigner.”


The Real Singapore is run by foreigners:

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