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Thousands of S’porean men say they feel very harassed by MINDEF, especially during NS

Posted on 01 February 2015

This after MINDEF said they feel harassed by a Singaporean Son.


Tens of thousands of Singaporean boys and men from all walks of life who are still serving or have served National Service, have come out to publicly say they feel very harassed by the Ministry of Defence.

This after MINDEF said they feel harassed by a local inventor, Dr Ting Choon Meng, who made some statements, which were deemed worthy enough to have the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) send a lawyer’s letter to him, and which could see the Protection from Harassment Act used against him.

One Singaporean Son, Zho Peng Leow, said MINDEF coming out to admit they feel harassed gave him the courage to also come out to admit he used to feel harassed all the time in NS by MINDEF: “I always felt harassed by MINDEF because I had to do whatever they told me to do and I’m always threatened with punishment if I disobeyed orders.”

“In NS, everyday I was asked to knock it down and do push-ups over minor infringements. I had to stay in. Cut off all my hair. Many times I lacked sleep. Sometimes I do push-ups have to count from minus five to 20, which is a no-no because it is stipulated that soldiers must only do 20 push-ups maximum. So I definitely felt harassed.”

Another Singaporean Son, said he felt even more harassed when he and his platoon were punished even when they followed orders during NS: “I felt very harassed in NS because we were always asked to touch the tree and come back and keep dropping to do push-ups, even when we did what we were told.”

“I honestly felt the most harassed when I was outfield and asked to dig trench. Then after that still kena tekan.”

Other Singaporean Sons said the harassment they experienced can last for many, many years even after they have served NS.

Qu Ah Tee, a NSmen who is not even halfway through his seven high-key and three low-key reservist cycle, said he feels harassed every year as he needs to go back to camp for two to three weeks, take IPPT and if he fails, go complete RT: “This is long-term harassment. You thought the harassment will end with the end of NS. But no. It will carry on. You will keep feeling harassed for at least 10 more years of your life.”


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