The Real Singapore editors must commit suicide for editorial lapses: TRS reader

Posted on 18 February 2015

They have a duty to show that they are more principled than the PAP.


Singaporeans from all walks of life who are 50% Australian, have come out to advice the two people behind The Real Singapore website who were arrested by the police for posting seditious content online.

The two people arrested are Ai Takagi, 22, a Japanese-Australian and Robin Yang Kai Heng, 26, a Singaporean. Both are students in Brisbane.

Saying it is the only right thing to do for committing an editorial lapse, one TRS reader, Hor Yi See, said the two people arrested must commit suicide immediately as this will show that they are more principled than the PAP: “By committing suicide, Ai Takagi and Robing Yang Kai Heng will show Singaporeans that they walk the talk and not talk and talk and copy and paste content.”

“This will also show the PAP there are some principles worth dying for.”

Other Singaporeans who are half Australians also noted that it is the duty of the duo to perform hara-kiri as they shouldn’t have allowed a Singapore website for Singaporeans to be infiltrated by foreign talent trash.

Another TRS reader Ai Ron Nick, who is not related to Ai Takagi, said FTs who want to dabble in Singaporean affairs must be prepared to live up to local standards and lead by example: “Since Ai Takagi is of Japanese descent and hara-kiri is a Japanese practice, she must be more committed to this culture of killing oneself than Singaporeans. She must, in fact, lead by example.”

“After she commits hara-kiri, will she be allowed to comment on Singaporean affairs.”


The Real Singapore is run by foreigners:

Voices of S’poreans is 50% Australian: One of the two people behind The Real Singapore arrested is a foreigner

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