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Thank you Google ads for giving money to The Real Singapore to promote hatred

Posted on 25 February 2015

It is okay for Google to “Do No Evil” as long as it allows others to do so.


Singaporeans from all walks of life who are 50% Australian, have come out to openly thank Google.

This after Google continues to serve their ads on The Real Singapore even as two people behind the website have been arrested by the police for sedition by promoting hatred in Singapore.

Wai Guo Ren, a TRS reader, said he personally thanks Google for continuing to finance TRS’s operations by serving ads on their platform as it is easy to ignore the website’s bad behaviour as long as Google is not the one running afoul of the law: “Google’s philosophy is to ‘Do No Evil’. In the company philosophy page, they even stated ‘You can make money without doing evil’.”

“So, by not personally doing evil, such as promoting hatred through seditious postings, it is good that Google allows others to do evil instead.”

This view is also shared widely by others who say Google is in a win-win situation.

Another local, Zuo Huai Shi, said Google has its priorities right by continuing to ignoring the history of plagiarism committed by TRS and focusing only on business: “Google is such a big company with a base in Singapore that employs thousands of employees. It is important for Google to continue to take money from advertisers and serve ads on TRS, or else, how is Google going to pay their workers?”

“And it is not Google’s duty to ensure that TRS does not plagiarise or put out content that incites hatred in society. Google is too big a company to care about such kinds of things. As long as they make money every quarter and look like they are upholding freedom of speech because they are American, it doesn’t matter if Singapore society falls apart. Who needs society anyway?”

“Thank you Google for continuing to finance TRS and absolving yourself from blame.”


The Real Singapore is run by foreigners:

Voices of S’poreans is 50% Australian: One of the two people behind The Real Singapore arrested is a foreigner

The Real Singapore editors must commit suicide for editorial lapses: TRS reader

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