S’porean couples struggle to conceal rope burn marks as CNY reunion dinner cuts too close to 50 Shades V-Day weekend

Posted on 18 February 2015

Majority of couples spotted wearing long-sleeved shirts and bracelets.


Singaporean couples from all walks of life are trying their best to mask rope burns and flogging marks on their wrists and various parts of their bodies by wearing long-sleeved shirts, bracelets, bangles and coveralls.

This after this year’s traditional Chinese New Year reunion dinner occurred just three days after Valentine’s Day weekend that also marked the opening week of Fifty Shades of Grey movie in Singapore.

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This confluence of two notable events caused groceries and new year goodies to fly off the shelves and caused ropes and cable ties to sell out island-wide.

Chuan Qi Pao, a young Singaporean woman, who had to wear a full-length traditional Chinese costume to hide the numerous rope burns and bruising that resulted from a weekend getaway with her boyfriend and a flogging tool with various restricting and constricting apparatuses, said: “I even had to apply concealer to some of my exposed body parts to hide the marks that did not heal in time.”

“My boyfriend is worse. He has to wear a full suit and a top hat for his reunion dinner.”

Even as a majority of couples were seen wearing bracelets, watches and scarves to hide marks, several were also seen walking awkwardly.

At press time, Chuan said she is slightly disturbed to meet her parents who were also wearing full-length clothing as if they had something to hide as well.


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