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Here’s one effective way to stop Facebook from showing you ads

Posted on 08 January 2015

One powerful way to use Facebook that will change the way their algorithm works!


Have you ever felt like your life is increasingly being controlled by Facebook?

From the types of posts you put up to the types of post you see, everything is being driven by artificial intelligence and algorithms crafted by Facebook to influence your mood and engagement with the site and your friends.

Do you feel like you have given yourself up in the process? Are you driven by Likes? Is your behaviour a result of wanting to feel more accepted and to receive more notifications throughout the day?

Well, fight back. Take back yourself. Show Facebook the Little Man is taking a stand against the behemoth.

Here’s how:


Step 1: Find any ad that is displayed at the side of your newsfeed and let your mouse cursor scroll over without clicking. You will see an “X” appear to indicate you want to get rid of the ad.



Step 2: Click on the “X”. You will be prompted to click on one of the options. Choose “I don’t want to see this”.



Step 3: Next, you will be asked why. Pick “It’s offensive or inappropriate”.



Step 4: After that, you will be provided other options to explain your choice. Click “It’s sexually explicit”.


Once you are done, sit back, relax and know that you have screwed some algorithms up and watch the world burn.

Live another day to use Facebook and do the same thing to mess it up even more.

Imagine if enough people do this, we will live in a world where Facebook won’t run ads anymore because nothing actually works and no one will pay to advertise.


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