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City Harvest Kong Hee went home to kneel on durian husk for half an hour due to ST headline

Posted on 28 January 2015

The passion of Kong Hee. Very atonement. Much forgiveness.


A collective “Oooh” was overheard in Singapore on Jan. 28, 2015, when The Straits Times‘ headlines splashed in bold, “Kong Hee ‘lacked full faith’ in wife’s music”.

Sources familiar with such situations said that it doesn’t look like any marital conflict can be resolved easily or overnight.

Gui Lew Lian, a married man in his 40s, said any man in Kong Hee’s position will be expected to do a lot of grovelling at home when he gets back and volunteer to kneel on durian husks as a sign of contrition, especially if he expects to sleep in the same bed as his wife at night: “I think Kong Hee might need to buy a nice pendant or necklace before going home and also volunteer to do some house work like vacuuming the floor, before attempting to talk to his wife.”

Others, who recognise the situation the City Harvest founder is in, concurred.

Swee Sa Fa, another man in his 40s, said: “This one is really sabo. I don’t think Kong Hee even saw it coming.”

“The best way to approach this is for him to volunteer sleeping on the sofa for at least three nights.”

“This will allow his wife to let off some steam.”


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