Surviving Bukit Batok rats believe attack on their community was politically motivated

Posted on 20 December 2014

They will be holding a memorial service for comrades killed during Thursday’s massacre.


Bukit Batok slope rats who survived violent clashes with humans that erupted on Thursday are holding a memorial service for fallen comrades who were killed during the surprise attack.

The attack had left the rat population decimated, with fatalities of up to 85 percent of the total number of inhabitants which originally numbered about 60 or so.

The massacre was particularly brutal as it was unexpected and the sudden assault caught the rats off-guard.

One of the rats who survived the onslaught, said he believes the killing was unnecessary as both rat and human factions have been living in harmony for a long time without much friction.

Lao Shu, one of the surviving rats who suffered minor injuries and who lived to tell his story, said: “This attack on us is politically motivated. It is an attempt to galvanise support among the people belonging to the perpetrators of this violence. We the rats are nothing but a pawn in this system.”

“This attack on us is nothing short of an act of pure terrorism sanctioned by the state against minorities. We are nothing more than a minor collateral damage in the upcoming electoral battle.”

The spokesrat also highlighted that the assault on their community was a flagrant violation of the Geneva Convention, as there had been no formal declaration of war.

As such, they will be filing a complaint with the United Nations.

The surviving rats are, in turn, not going to let this episode slide, as they indicated that their planned memorial service for their fallen comrades will be to force start a period of peace and reconciliation.

Speaking to reporters at a hastily assembled press conference, the spokesrat said: “This memorial is a first step towards healing. Our next step, is to push for a tribunal to be convened and to demand for the perpetrators of this act of violence to be brought to justice.”

“This will aid in the reconciliation efforts. We are also hoping for information and intelligence gathered that prompted this senseless killing to be declassified and for the truth to be laid bare.”

“Or else it will be a stain on Singapore’s conscience.”


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