S’pore shouldn’t use SIN to represent us in sports because it’s a dirty word

Posted on 07 October 2014

Every time it is mentioned we are degraded, says The Straits Times letter writer.


Take the SIN out of Singapore

SEEING the word “SIN” emblazoned across the chests of our beaming Asian Games athletes (“Finally, a golden day for Singapore”; last Wednesday) evoked a feeling that was somewhat bittersweet.

“SIN” is the International Olympic Committee code for Singapore and is used to represent our country in sporting events. “SIN” is also the International Air Traffic Association code for Changi Airport, the gateway to our country.

Sports and travel are two of the most visible platforms through which we project ourselves to the world. “SIN” is the word projected when we make a name for ourselves on these platforms.

Sin cities of the world are well known, for better or for worse.

Whenever Singapore is elevated into focus, the image must be one that is in keeping with our cultural and social mores.

Singapore is not a sin city. But, with the use of the code “SIN”, the eye will make the association, even if the heart and mind know otherwise.

Is it in our national interest for “SIN” to be associated with Singapore?

We should consider adopting the less-used (but not lesser) code “SGP” instead of “SIN”.

“SGP” is, after all, the United Nations’ country code for Singapore.

Indeed, the Internet domain designation for Singapore is “.sg”.

Furthermore, “SGP” corresponds to the syllables that make up the word “Sin-Ga-Pore”.

It looks better, sounds better and unifies all usage and application.

Andrew Choo Ming Sing

This is a real letter published in The Straits Times Forum on Oct. 6, 2014.


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