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NUS Student Union receives top Chinese govt award for contributions to Democracy

Posted on 29 September 2014

They are so effective.

By David Tan


It was announced earlier this morning that the National University of Singapore Students’ Union has been awarded the Friendship Award, China’s most prestigious foreign accolade for its contributions toward advancing good governance in China.

This announcement comes amidst clashes between security forces and student-led protesters in Hong Kong following the Chinese government’s decision to restrict future election candidates in Hong Kong to those pre-vetted by Beijing.

Speaking at a press conference this morning, Ben Guo Ren, spokesperson for the Communist Party of China, said: “Thanks to the intellectual rigor of the NUS Students’ Union, we now know that transparency and all other aspects of participative democracy primarily entail a state of mind, and that the intention to be democratic should be the determinative factor of whether a government is truly democratic.”

He went on to add: “In this light, we would like to reiterate that we have every intention of supporting democracy in Hong Kong, even though our every action seems to suggest otherwise.”

In unrelated news, the National University of Singapore has also announced that all future executive committee members of the NUS Students’ Union will have to be pre-approved by the Communist Party of China as well.


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