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Chinese S’poreans say they are not racist, wonder why anyone would think they are

Posted on 01 September 2014

Chinese are racist? No way.


Chinese Singaporeans are up in arms after it was pointed out to them that there might be a possibility they might somehow be racist unknowingly.

Hua Ren, a Chinese Singaporean, said: “I have never been openly racist to minorities, because I know that is just insensitive and rude.”

“Come on, we all know everybody is secretly racist behind other people’s backs, right?”

This view is met with agreement by other Chinese Singaporeans.

Tng Lang, a local of Chinese descent, said: “I am Chinese but there’s no such thing as ‘Chinese Privilege’ because I don’t see race.”

“I’ve lived in Singapore my whole life. I only see Singaporeans.”

This view was also supported by other Chinese Singaporeans from the majority race.

Jiang Hua Yu, another local Chinese, said: “I feel comfortable in my own skin, so therefore, should everyone else. I am never conscious of my own race.”

“Plus, I shouldn’t feel guilty about being Chinese because I was born this way. I didn’t ask to be born as part of the majority.”

These views were also met with other perspectives that concur with these ideas.

Ben Di Ren, another Singaporean who is born from Chinese parents, said: “Chinese are racist? No way. Other races are also racist.”


Singaporeans are not racist. They are just busybodies:
Conservative S’poreans demand S’pore Zoo investigate if they possess gay animals

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