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AMARE denounces woman’s forthcoming MRT antics, man’s inaction

Posted on 23 September 2014

The guy is a wuss.


Local advocacy group AMARE (Association of Men for Action and Reaction) has denounced the antics of a woman on the MRT who was caught on camera being too forthcoming with the man sitting beside her.

The woman, in the three-minute long video, repeatedly groped and tried to kiss the man, who she most likely did not know personally.

Akshun Bayday, president of the men’s rights group, said: “This is an example of how the law treats women more favourably. If a man were to come on so strongly to a woman he did not know in a public space, the man would have been arrested and charged with molest.”

“This is proof that women are getting a free pass.”

However, the men’s rights group did not stop at denouncing the antics of the woman.

They have also denounced the antics of the man who was being harassed.

Bayday said: “This man obviously is asking for it. He could have just stood up and walked away and not subject himself to the unwanted advances of the woman.”

“But he just sat there and took it. He deserves it.”


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  • john

    waiting for the feminazis to come in and bombard the comments…

  • anna

    She is clearly not of sound mind. in fact, the lady sitting next to her can be heard advising her not to behave in that manner because the woman in question can’t differentiate appropriate from inappropriate behaviour on her own.

  • Jean

    Before you get the facts right, perhaps you should not try to make a story to serve your needs for men’s rights. The lady demonstrated mental unwellness. Unless you want to take your fight against mentally unwell people, don’t take things out of context.

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