S’porean student gets pregnant playing university’s Freshmen Orientation Camp games

Posted on 16 August 2014

This first case is a rare success as orientation camps have tried for years to get graduates to have children.


A Singaporean student has become pregnant after playing some of the Freshmen Orientation Camp (FOC) games organised by one of the local universities.

It has been revealed recently that some of the FOC games have long promoted the exchange of bodily fluids between members of the opposite sex, such as licking whipped cream off each other’s bodies, passing gummy bears from mouth to mouth and lying next to or on top of each other, all on the pretext of promoting platonic bonding.

One Singaporean student, Chi Dou Fu, who attended the FOC and played the games before, said: “The games have been designed to impregnate the female of the species, as these young, impressionable girls are old and smart enough to enter university, but cannot even say ‘No’ to playing sexually-suggestive games.”

“It is really a win-win situation for all.”

Organisers for the FOC said they were surprised that their games had the intended effect of at least getting one member of the opposite sex pregnant.

This is due to the fact that they have been trying for years to stimulate birth rate increase, efforts which were largely met with failure as young Singaporeans who undergo university schooling and have degrees will become affluent later in life, as they enjoy swinging singles lifestyles fuelled by cheap contraceptive use and copious amounts of alcohol and bad judgement.

However, this first rare case of FOC-derived pregnancy has put hope into all that there might still be hope.

Huai Yun, the female student who got pregnant playing FOC games, said she is excited that FOC games have succeeded in getting graduates to breed, even though hers is the first reported case.

She said: “I hope my story can be a positive influence for all my peers. There is more to life than just studying, making money and having a career and being influential, while becoming more socially-mobile.”

“I would rather be a mother, who has to devote her entire being to caring for this little one and having to forego most of what I have worked up for until today, such as staying up late for many months studying for my PSLE, O levels and A levels,” she said while rubbing her belly.

“Nonetheless, the organisers must be proud of the games’ success in demonstrating it is possible to get would-be graduates to breed, which is in line with Singapore’s pro-graduate-breeding policies.”

“And there’s a reason why the camp is called ‘Freshmen Orientation Camp’. This is where the young and impressionable come here to get fresh.”






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  • Preens Edvvarde Road

    I can’t wait to see people falling for this one.

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      Me too

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    Such a troll article.

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    Freshest eggs ever.

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      that’s really funny!

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    lick until pregnant xD

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  • I ate ur tofu

    Well good to read that there is finally a successful attempt. I hope to see many more in the future! Maybe all the girls getting pregnant! Goodluck guys over there, go do your thing ;D

  • Humanbeing

    The name of the girl is called huai yun ? No wonder she got pregnant .

    • a

      got video of huai yun?

    • Chloe

      It’s definitely just a representative name.

    • thatguy

      and chi dou fu…

  • hohoho

    wtf did i just read..

  • you too free

    You have nothing better to do with your life to write articles of such? Stop stirring baseless shit, this isn’t humorous. It’s basically, bo liao (you are too free)

    • lighten up you noob

      Lololol, I think she understands what bo liao means. And it doesn’t matter, many people write dumb stories here… its 50% true…

    • Let’s do some good

      I’m completely agree with you!

      • a

        yes it’s baseless

    • lick will not get pregnant

      completely agree with you ..the writer must be very boliao

  • Wee lee

    i also want leh!! Many guys dream!!

  • Let’s do some good

    Don’t we have more uplifting and factual articles to share?

    • Replying The Retard

      Yes indeed, you can find it on cnn.com, bbc.com or channelnewsasia.com, for example.

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      high 5 newnation!

  • Your Sister

    cool story bro!

  • Bla

    This bullshit tho

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    to think people stil believe thats its true..

  • Adam

    (Extreme) Feminist are not gonna be happy about this. Hilarious. AHAHA!!!

  • Chloe

    People these days….

  • xyx

    Wtf is this??? Promoting sex for freshmen? And parent have slogged to earned money to send their children to school to get pregnant. ..

    • fun

      this is a joke article la..
      don get so serious. it’s for fun~

  • Colin TheMan

    no penetration involved how to get pregnant wtf bullshit is this

    • a

      “lick” with.

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        … it’s definitely the hostel

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          Your brain grow in your ass? Can’t you see its a joke post?

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  • wadafak

    chi dou fu and huai yun,,,

  • YouMustBeAnIdiotToBelieveThis

    I stopped after chi dou fu. I wonder who even believes this crap.

    • a

      where is the licked video of huai yun please

    • Josh Lzk

      And about half the commenters clearly believe it. :/

  • yoyo

    this is a news about getting pregnant and there’s a person who goes by the name of Chi Dou Fu… oh the irony

    • gong xi gong xi!

      the baby’s innocent

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  • Jayle Holylurve

    Ever heard of “play with your pants on”? Also, “sports and games” where things are “fast and furious” normally require you to have “protective gear” on?

  • Curious

    My mind just imploded. Is this clever sarcasm or dubious reporting?

    • Josh Lzk

      Gee, I wonder which it is?

  • Mohd Barkia

    Who is the father?

  • goodboi

    Definitely SARCASTIC

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    lol Chi Dou Fu

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    Hmmmm… so interesting

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    fking bullshit lol the one who wrote this post clearly has no life

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    Hmmmm…. very nice for me to release my sperm inside them. I wannna …

  • bushido(.>_<.)

    I think all of this is just a farce
    no.1 the names are weird and
    no.2 what kind of girl would want to be a mother at such a young age and still be happy after getting pregnant to someone she 1st met this ain’t a Disney fairy tale you know !

    • ghormax

      You think so? jahahaha

  • jazz

    this is the rubbish kind of article generated by new nation so that they can arouse curiosity and attention from readers and increase their revenue through traffic counts. such website does not contribute to knowledge and only serves to degenerate the human mind and society.

  • ray

    Wtf its this, people go there to know each other better n not have bodily contact, needless to say pregnant the opposite sex. For a female to attain such high level education and speak naive n juvenile words explains how oblivious she is to the outside world. Its all about finance before you talk about motherly love .

    The university should go through the orientation camp activities before proceeding and educate these youngsters on why its not right. Its just not right!

    And that guy should really think through what he’s done. If its your child whose impregnant by some unknown kid, what would you do?

    • New Nation

      That’s true, why can’t people just think for themselves and figure out what is right or wrong, real or fake? Stupid idiots

    • Lolol

      That’s true, now why don’t you read what’s at the header portion of the website, instead of being a morally-guided smart(not so much) alec?

      • positive thinker

        Ray knew it’s fake and just replied with another sarcasm :)

        • udonhv2noe

          Or did he?

      • Lolol

        I don’t think he did. Judging by how he replied. I think you meant what New Nation replied to his comment? That sounds more like sarcasm than ray’s.

    • Guest

      Fell for it >>

    • ==

      Its fake you dumb fuck..

    • Randomly random

      You know her chinese name, Huai Yun in english is called pregnancy. you fell for it LOL.

  • ray

    What kind of a stupid report is this, this last sentence, “This is where the young and impressionable come here to get fresh.”.. And Wtf is “Singapore’s pro-graduate-breeding policy”. Does nus, ntu, smu, rmit, kaplan…etc have these policies as well? so what objective does a university give? Education? Sexual thoughts and activities? Finance management? responsibility teachings? It seems like somethings definitely wrong somewhere!

  • asd

    W.T.F. did i just read

  • Eddy

    Guess not all of them are smart there..

    • AlwaysReadDisclaimer

      Guess not all of us are smart here..

  • Confused human being

    Someone pls enlighten me on how one can get pregnant through licking?

    • Danial

      50% real news. Nobody got pregnant. This news is just to spread out word on the kind of “orientation” young people are made to do, even if they dont agree to it. But Im sure any boy would agree. When else could you get a chance to do those things to your female friends without any repercussions?

  • Get Real

    Hey guys, scroll back to the top and check the title of this site, it’s stated only 50% real news…..

  • Setsuro.Shiro

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HUAI YUN! HAHAHAHAHAHAA! This is so retarded, its brilliant!

  • Waste of time

    JC kids…

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    this is golden :)

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    wow so good?! can I join bo?

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    LOL LMAO. Almost got me there. But neh.

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    The ability to recognise satire when you read an article is invaluable…

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    Chill pill angry birds. I love tis article. Groups up e gundoos n alecss…

  • what?


  • Mad

    Is this for real? Wait, so they placed couples together to play or just strangers? And “lick” which area? Wow, just wow.

  • Judy L

    The story doesn’t make sense at all. How can a girl who has gotten pregnant mysteriously not be angry with FOC but be thankful for it. This is too far off the edge. The author clearly doesn’t know how babies are made…

  • Judy L

    To add on, I’ve been to the FOC before ( you probably didn’t). it indeed has intimate games but that doesn’t amount to indecency, let alone pregnancy. With that, I advise the author to post/write with discretion

  • pigu

    hahaha, getting pregnant with a guy you just met
    trollest story ever

  • RobinG

    Huai Yun shoud be “already pregnant” and take FOC as an excuse – licking-induced-pregnancy…

    • ok

      where helmet

  • Brother bear


  • Felix


  • Louis

    News nations, 50% real news

  • sgp

    If everyone lived up to their names so easily, you would have 80% of the population named FA DA CAI

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    Dafuq, this some bullshit

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    Bull crapping of the year

  • lorenzo21

    Yo dawg.. it appears on the tagline: “50% real news”
    It’s not real. Fake news. Go fuck yourself

  • Justice Bao

    WTF , don’t tell me that because the government encourage their citizen to breed more people , the effect of it turn “INNOCENT SLUT”? these kind of “ACTIVITY” should be actually to have more concern for the government to be notice with , what a shame :(

  • Guest

    huai yun

  • A

    She is not more than just a dumbass girl. Who the fuck want to get pregnant at early age when you still haven’t seen the big world upon your head?

  • ng_senghe

    This has to be a joke. Doesn’t make sense at all

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  • suck my dick

    you guys are all insensitive ass holes with no consideration towards the feelings of females. bitches #profeminist