Hello Kitty’s boyfriend, Dear Daniel, is also a little girl, not a cat

Posted on 28 August 2014

Second round of shock waves emanating across the globe.


Following the shocking revelation that Hello Kitty is in fact not a cat but a little girl, as clarified by its creator Sanrio, Hello Kitty fans around the planet were in for another shock.

It has just been announced that Hello Kitty’s supposed boyfriend Dear Daniel, is also not a cat, but is actually also a little girl.

A press statement issued by Hello Kitty’s creator read: “He’s a cartoon character. He is a little girl. He is a friend. But he is not a cat. He’s never depicted on all fours. He walks and sits like a two-legged creature.”

Dear Daniel’s real name is Daniel Starr, a very effeminate name, which was all along a clue that he is a girl.

Dear Daniel also has a pet of his own and the pet is a hamster.

This has raised the ire of some segments of society who want more clarity as to the gender and species of other cartoon characters such as Doramon, Godzilla, Crayon Shin-chan and Ultraman.


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  • Koon

    will we then not see those legendary queues of epic proportion at mcdonald’s anymore since i suppose the government will start clamping down on this supposed normalising and popularising of homosexual relations?

  • R.R.

    Hello Kitty is a cat, an anthropomorphism cat, saying Hello Kitty is not a cat is like saying Mickey Mouse is not a mouse but a human boy and Goofy is not a dog but a human boy.

    Japanese typically calls their pets boys or girls as a way to think of them as family members that is why they rarely use the term “osu” and “mesu” the formal term for male and female animals respectively.

    Hello Kitty is not a cat, its an anthropomorphic cat.

    • Erin Oliva

      Yea, I agree with you. I mean… Mickey Mouse has a pet… Pluto is a dog… while Goofy is an anthro-character and so is Mickey. Saying she is a girl is like saying she was transformed from a human girl by an evil witch or something… it doesn’t make sense. Clearly she is Anthro… her whole word is Anthro… there are no actual humans in it, just like the world Mickey and Minnie and Goofy, etc. live in… no humans, all Anthro.

  • Alex

    Actually. I’ve been told specifically by Disney that Mickey is not a mouse.

  • olivia

    Is this a hoax? The one comment was made only to hello kitty, and exactly the same comment with a “she”, not a “he”.

  • Badger

    Is the pet hamster really a hamster, or is it, also, a little girl? If Daniel (not Danielle) Starr is a girl, does that mean that Ringo Starr is actually a woman? Or is he a hamster? I’m so confused.

    • Erin Oliva

      Yes, that brings up some very weird questions about “The Beatles”… how the H*** is having the last name “Starr” a clue he/she is a girl? Seriously that makes no sense… Also Ringo’s actual name is Richard Starkey (just for the record) They started calling him Ringo b/c he liked to wear a lot of rings… IDK why the Starr name… guess you’d have to ask him, but suddenly “Hello Kitty” has actually kind of become downright scary…

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  • Ace Macasinag

    Duh… ultraman is obviously a male

  • anon

    what do they use ‘he’ if they think Daniel is a little girl? shonldn’t it be ‘she’? no make sense…

    • nonny#2

      Daniel is a he/him lesbian



        • http://www.id735408.sexynkgs.website disqus_t0JFjz5evj

          angelisseacosta 5++

        • oo

          wrong he is a he/him lesbian

          • Ember Hermin

            “he” is a male pronoun. lesbians are women.

          • ray

            he is a he/him lesbian

          • ernesttheonion

            “he” is a word, my friend. just as one can feel more comfortable with masculine clothing and still be a woman, one can use masculine pronouns and be a woman.

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  • nom nom

    Crayon shin-chan is not a boy, but an elephan

  • Sexy

    Fox has announced that x-men are not men. And Fox is not a fox, but Fox.

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  • Bad Maru

    Next time in the news: Hello Kitty’s dad is actually also a girl! His seemingly masculine name, George, is derived from the female name “Georgia”.

  • Hamster

    Dear blogger,

    how stupid do you think we are. Daniel was always a boy and is even called a boy on the official blog of Sanrio.


    About Dear Daniel

    Dear Daniel is a sensitive boy who finds wonder in even the smallest
    things. Dear Daniel and Hello Kitty have known each other since they
    were babies. When he was young, he moved to Africa with his father who
    is a photographer. After traveling the globe, Dear Daniel returned to
    meet Hello Kitty again. His dancing skills are still top-notch!

    So, do us a favor and stop poisoning the well. Thank you!

    • A Simple Pebble

      no he big lesbian

    • herotoon

      dont be mad cuz he’s a lesbian

    • ernesttheanonymous

      nope he’s a lesbian :)

      (also this site is satire. click on the “about” page, its really not that hard my friend.)

  • http://kategun.wixsite.com/claregundersenacting Clare Gundersen

    Actually, Daniel is not a girl. He is actually a boy, as proven on the wiki.

  • i know this is three years old but: it’s a joke. oh my god

  • MintyThatTriggeredEmoKid

    “Dear Daniel’s real name is Daniel Starr, a very effeminate name, which was all along a clue that he is a girl.” -That Article

    Okay first of all, whatever. Second, TO HELL WITH FEMININE NAMES BEING FOR GIRLS.



  • Fatima Toure.CG

    hi peoples

  • ray


  • r/atetheonion



  • Kikimiko

    Daniel was introduced and has been known as a boy since the beginning? Is this an announcement that he’s trans? I don’t understand otherwise. If Sanrio wants them to be a girl that’s fine but i really feel like they’re just explaining he has the same relationship to humanity as hello kitty, as they’re still using male pronouns

    • Ernesttheanonymous

      this appears to either be satire or an error. Two quotes from two articles mixed together, one saying Hello Kitty is a little girl and not a cat, and one introducing Dear Daniel. However, this article has circulated much of the internet much of the internet (namely Tumblr and reddit) has declared that Daniel is actually a he/him lesbian (some lesbians do use he/him pronouns), which I personally love.