City Harvest Church goers regret not paying Sun Ho half million dollars to stop singing

Posted on 05 August 2014

They apologise to the rest of the world for her “singing”.


A group of City Harvest Church goers have come out to say sorry to the rest of the world for not offering Sun Ho $500,000 of their own money right from the start to stop singing.

This after evidence and testimony revealed in court on Aug. 4, 2014, showed that the church had to fork out $500,000 to purchase up to 32,000 unsold Sun Ho Mandarin CDs in 2004, which were distributed to unsuspecting church goers, who each received a copy.

Baey Hiao Bai, a church goer, said: “We knew she couldn’t do this thing called ‘sing’, and we are using this word liberally here.”

“My fellow church goers and I should have acted early on from the get-go to put a complete stop to her attempt at ‘singing’, or so it is called, and none of this would have happened. She should have just received the $500,000 and called it a day but we didn’t manage to make that happen.”

“For this, we are very and truly sorry. We would like to apologise to the other church members for foisting on them her CDs. And to the rest of the world, we are sorry about the warbling and the grand waste of plastic.”

However, not all church goers were unhappy about receiving Sun Ho’s CD.

Kan De Kai, a church goer, said: “I enjoyed Sun Ho’s CD a lot. It works well as a coaster for my mug. And I use the plastic CD cover as a door stopper. And I’ve made a hash out of the CD sleeve.”


Then she wouldn’t have spent so much money on phone calls too:

Sun Ho’s phone bill costs $130,000 because she called God regularly






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