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City Harvest Church accused should just plead guilty as it speaks well of their religion

Posted on 18 August 2014

To be humble before the courts is the best proselytising message ever.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who look up to people who take responsibility for their actions as it is a virtue, said they would want to see the six City Harvest Church accused plead guilty before the court and put an end to the current trial that is a waste on taxpayers’ money.

This after one of the accused had said in court on Aug. 18, 2014, that church founder Kong Hee is a liar.

Jiang Pian Hua, a Singaporean, said: “If all of them just plead guilty and say they will take full responsibility before the court, Singaporeans will be more convinced that their religion is the one for everyone because it preaches being humble.”

“This will also set a good example as it means you are putting your lives in the hands of the Almighty one and let divine nature run its course.”

Other locals said pleading guilty before the courts sets a good example, as there is an element of atonement that runs parallel with some of the themes from The Good Book.

Qu Jiao Tang, another local said: “Singaporeans will think, ‘Wow! That’s such a magnanimous thing to do. The tenets of their teaching must be from somewhere really humble.'”

“It will also be the strongest proselytising message they can send out.”


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