55% of S’poreans still remember words to National Pledge after one year of not reciting it

Posted on 10 August 2014

This beats last year’s 42 percent figure.


Saying it is still relatively easy calling the words to mind if there are other people reciting together at the same time, 55 percent of Singaporeans admitted that they can still remember the words to the National Pledge even when they say it once a year on Aug. 9 during National Day only.

Luan Han Tam, a local, said: “It was pretty easy saying it at first without hesitation. ‘We, the citizens of Singapore. Pledge ourselves as one united people.'”

“This part just rolls off the tongue. But after this line, it tends to get a bit tricky. And you can hear Singaporeans saying it softer after that.”

This 55 percent figure is better than last year’s 42 percent.

Singaporeans who had trouble remembering the words had all along said it is mainly because the words don’t rhyme and the pledge is too long.

Bu Zhuan Xing, a Singaporean, said: “I think if the pledge had rhyming words at the end of every line, it will be easier to remember. Plus, the pledge is a bit too long.”

“For example, why can’t we just say: ‘We the citizens of Singapore. Pledge ourselves to be united forevermore. You are my fire and only desire.’ Then can already what, right?”

However, the percentage of Singaporeans who can recall the pledge still beats the percentage of Singaporeans who can sing the Majulah Singapura national anthem as it is intended and meant.

Currently, about 0 percent of Singaporeans can sing the Singapore national anthem without making up some words.






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