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IPPT made simpler by combining five stations into one

Posted on 02 July 2014

This is to allow NSmen to train for one activity to improve overall fitness.


In a bid to make IPPT simpler for NSmen to attempt and pass, the Singapore Armed Forces has announced the most radical change to it since the 1980s when the fitness test first tormented local men.

The SAF said it will be combining all five separate stations into one station only, which will make it easier for servicemen to train for and pass.

Currently, out of the 300,000 or more soldiers in Singapore, about 50 percent manage to pass the IPPT on any given year.

In the new one station IPPT, servicemen are required to choose any one of the following:

– Do standing board jump for 2.4 km

– Do pull ups and climb vertically for 2.4 km

– Shuttle run for 2.4 km

– Do sit ups continuously for 12 minutes (passing time for 2.4 km run)

Supreme General of the Army, Jin Seow Onn, said: “This will help to streamline the efforts of our soldiers and allow them to make the best of their physical training.”

“No, no, this is not tekkan. Not as if we ask them to start counting from minus five or minus 10.”


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