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Children to supervise adults who cannot stop fighting about books

Posted on 18 July 2014

Stupid grown-ups need to get their shit together, kids say.

Photo stolen from here

Photo stolen from here

About 5,000 children from all walks of life under the age of 12 in Singapore have gotten together to take a stand against adults who cannot stop bickering.

This after adults in Singapore have been fighting over books in the National Library for the past week with no end in sight, even though adults are supposed to be mature and straight-thinking.

Seow Hai Zi, a nine-year-old boy, said: “Adults are a pain. They like to fight, quarrel, impose sanctions on each other, are disrespectful, intolerant, big-headed, foolish, overzealous, short-sighted, and generally, a pain in the ass.”

“What are they trying to achieve fighting with each other? Over books? Somebody needs to tell these adults to go to their time-out corner and stare at the wall.”

“Basically, somebody younger should tell them to get their shit together.”

The children also said that, if given the chance, adults should just take the lead from children.

Another child, Xiao Bao Bao, aged six, said: “Why can’t adults be more like children? Kids are not ready to judge, don’t discriminate, don’t draw exclusionary well-defined lines to keep others out and we don’t try to make another child’s life difficult.”

“Adults need to be more reflective and consider how badly they are behaving, especially in this NLB debacle where they engage in doublespeak.”

“They cannot be grown up and still acting all hypocritical. On the one hand they believe they can tell children what to do, and on the other hand, they act out and behave worse than children, denying this and doing something else on the sly.”

“For shame.”

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