PM Lee contemplates dropping lawsuit to leave CPF blogger with $70,000 administrative headache

Posted on 02 June 2014

How will Roy Ngerng return all donated funds to each and every individual? PainfulLee, of course.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who have a lot of money locked up in their CPF account, agree that CPF blogger Roy Ngerng will be left with a massive administrative headache if things don’t go ahead as he planned.

This after the the blogger raised $70,000 from the public in three days in preparation for his defamation lawsuit filed against him by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

However, Singaporeans are anticipating PM Lee to pull the most classic political move in the last 50 years of Singapore’s history: By dropping all legal action against the blogger and leaving him with a $70,000 goldmine in his bank account and an epic administrative headache.

One local, Hong Kan Leow, said: “How will Roy Ngerng reverse transfer all the money? And what if people later come out and say they didn’t receive a refund?”

“Ji bai siao liao.”

“And you know what would be an even more classic move pulled by PM Lee after Roy Ngerng really returns all the money to his supporters?”

“File the lawsuit again. Hahahahahaha.”


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  • random

    I realise that local name is hong kan leow. Which also means in trouble already in hokkien.

    • Sean Padman McMenamin

      Sharp eye, you deserve an award.

    • New Nation

      Wah you are a genius

      • kw

        I like new nation’s reply :)

    • Reply

      Well he can always choose to proceed with the law suit even if PM Lee withdraws. That is a masterstroke to counter a masterstroke.

  • Lau Geok Theng

    So how is this interesting or useful, New Nation? Aren’t there more important issues to cover.

    • joker

      why so serious?

    • New Nation
      • Guest

        Do you not have anything more useful to do than to write these comments?

        • New Nation

          I will post this comment just for you

          • mel

            Is it just me? Or somehow “satire” and sarcasm seems to always get lost in translation in sg..

          • New Nation

            If satire and sarcasm are not lost on Singaporeans, then we are out of business liao

          • Stop this

            There will always be retards questioning “how is this useful” or “how is this important”. If you haven’t noticed, this is a satire website, and if you think this isn’t interesting, then just don’t read it. Other people might find this funny, and you are not a representation of everyone on the internet.

    • ghormax

      Do you not have anything more useful to do than to post these comments?

    • student

      Hi Professor

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  • Shafiqah Ramani

    Just donate lor. Simple lol

    • MadeInSingjiapore

      Cannot… Lol… What if LHL one month later file lawsuit again… Haha.. Die~~ ji Bai Hong Gan liao…

  • Haqim

    It’s called “donation” for a reason.
    You’re not gonna get it back.
    Stop trying to be funny. It’s disgusting

    • Logic

      Donation for a cause, if the cause is removed (lawsuit dropped), it should be returned.

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  • Dico

    Simple lah, donate the money to charities. Case closed!

  • xxx

    Apparently there are idiots willing to donate to a lawsuit that’ll nv win… Seriously?? How stupid are they? Did nobody realise they we cant do anything to them except to vote smartly during the next GE??

  • Paul Anthony Soh

    Well Personally, the 70K is his gain. Who asked PM Lee to initiate the court case in the first place.

    • JusTviews

      Just tell the donors, it will be kept to good use till you are 55 then start refunding … & bla bla goes on … here it start again …

    • anon

      What if he was in cahoots with …, and made a quick buck out from such publicity stunt. Oh my conspiracies.

  • Lee Joo Liang

    just donate everything to charity (not link to pap).

  • Lamerat

    He should keep the money and set up a fund for people with run-ins with the government in the course of raising ligitimate political awareness

  • Bluey

    Wonder how would this be if they were back like a century, 0.0 maybe like those that does contract killing, getting each other killed. Civilized way is to sue. That is what i am seeing, well doesnt really like it either. Both are Singaporeans, just a difference between a leader and a follower, they should start finding common grounds, work together instead, what have army thought both of them. How would other countries see us as? A country that is trying hard to be the best when we cant even settle this small issues? … “Defame” who never got badmouth or backstabbed before? … Grow up please… Get our shit together, stop “killing” each other, we work together, let others know we can and we are the best. I served NS as a PR, I’m not yet a Singaporean, but when i see this it hurts me alot, alot, alot.

  • Koh Rui Ting

    Simple solution, Donate to charity.

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  • Jeff Pang

    Keep the money in escrow until the statute of limitations is reached, then donate to charity or go for a holiday

  • random

    donate it to the charity then.

  • adsf

    not funny lor this article. no one like to be in legal battle. We should support common citizens who speak out for common citizens. Majority of Singaporean only know how to complain and complain but to no effect, at least this guy tries to right the system.

  • Eve Nilsson

    I read in the Economist that the Singapore media is “insipidly sycophantic”. But what about the whole population of Singapore? In reply to LHL’s press secretary I say:

    Exactly what sort of public debate Singapore should have? Surely debate about CPF, Govt accountability and transparency to the citizenry for their life savings and retirement funds is not only 1 of the most important public interests but also principles of democracy and good government. Yet where are the free and vigorous debates, accountability, transparency, etc? Why is the reputation of the PM more important than the said public interests? Why is the Govt hiding behind defamation laws, using it to stifle debate and what are they hiding? These are some of the questions that beg to be answered by the Govt, but will they?

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