Rising cost of living forces old man to continue working

Posted on 26 May 2014

You know times are hard when old people still have to stand for election and cannot retire in peace.

By Nyi Nyi

sad hor.

sad hor.

In a sign of the harsh economic times, Tan Jee Say, a 60-year-old man was forced to come out of retirement and run for the next Singapore general election.

Tan, who last ran for the presidency in 2011, set up a new political party to challenge the incumbent PAP in the next election due in 2016.

Many were sympathetic to Tan’s plight.

Zhen Ke Lian, a 40-year-old salesman, said he felt bad that a person of Tan’s age had to keep pursuing a thankless fight: “It will be a different matter if there was job satisfaction, but I don’t think a new political party will have any impact in Singapore.”

“It’s obvious he’s just working to make ends meet, hopefully, he will get a job as a minister and get some much needed financial relief.”

Kong Ji Kim, a local, said she blamed the increased retirement age and the restrictions placed on CPF withdrawal for Tan’s return to Singapore politics: “He looked so sad when he lost that last election. I hope he doesn’t get too hurt this time. He should really be resting at home instead of working so hard.”

“It’s just how it is now. You can’t even enjoy your old age in peace. Hopefully, someone will ease our standard of living so old folks like Tan Jee Say need not work so hard.”


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