Poor S’poreans agree public transport should be lousy as this is what they deserve

Posted on 27 May 2014

They concur with the Public Transport Council chairman Gerard Ee that only rich people deserve to drive.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who can only afford to watch all the rich people buy and drive all the cars, agree that poor people deserve a lousy transport system.

This after Public Transport Council chairman Gerard Ee said: “If you treasure your time and comfort, you pay a premium — there are premium services. If you value your time and comfort even more, buy a car. And then ultimately, get a chauffeur.”

Those who heard these statements nodded their heads furiously in agreement.

One local, Boh Lui Lang, said: “Yes, I don’t value my time and comfort at all. That’s why I take SMRT trains and SBS buses everyday.”

“They are rarely frequent enough and they are packed practically all the time except non-peak hours.”

Another Singaporean, Pok Kai Leow, said he agrees only rich people have dignity: “I am poor so I don’t have any concept of the value of time. And it is great that SMRT and SBS allows poor people to help rich people pay a premium and treasure the finer things in life.”


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  • mel

    Another case of the “brain” thinking it is superior to the anus… Until such time the “brain” urgently wants to take a crap. Imagine wat happens when the anus refuses to cooperate. Lets then see what the “brain” has to say.

  • Cheeken78

    Congratulations… Your leaders are becoming like the ones in Malaysia :)

  • Duh

    What a douchebag