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Hugh Jackman visits Singapore, helps locals forget about their miserable lives

Posted on 16 May 2014

The Wolverine actor helped spread some of his healing touch acquired from his character.

By Nyi Nyi


Hollywood superstar, Hugh Jackman, along with his famous brand name co-stars, arrived in Singapore this week to promote their new movie, X Men: Days of Future Past.

Jackman’s arrival provided a welcome respite from the dreadful time Singaporeans had been having in coping with the rising cost of food, stagnant wages and sky high property prices.

The Wolverine star went so far as to go to a local Ya Kun toast joint to spread some cheer.

A Ya Kun toast employee, who took a photo with Jackman, gushed about how handsome Wolverine was and claimed that the photo could be used to justify her earning $6 an hour, in an otherwise thankless job.

Jia Loh Tee, the employee, said: “$6 is really not enough to support my family, but when we’re eating instant noodles for lunch and dinner. Now this photo will help make things better.”

Mei Zhuo Gong, an unemployed man, was also grateful that Jackman visited other parts of Singapore.

He said, with tears of gratitude running down his cheeks: “I probably couldn’t afford the tickets for the movie, especially not the weekend prices. But now that I’ve seen him in person, I can just imagine him acting… What a great man.”

Jackman and his star-studded case are slated to leave Singapore after the promotional campaign for their new movie is done, leaving locals to go back to reality and face the daunting challenges alone.


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