Ah Boys to Men actors prepare for Hell Week training by watching 10 Jack Neo movies

Posted on 12 April 2014

Mental anguish sets in, forcing all of them to breaking point.


To prepare them for their role as combat naval diver-wannabes in the new follow-up movie, Ah Boys To Frogmen, to be directed by Jack Neo again, the Ah Boys To Men actors were made to watch 10 Jack Neo movies in a row to mentally train them.

This is to simulate the effects of mental anguish as the actors prepare to undergo a sissy version of Hell Week training for their new acting parts.

This new Ah Boys To Frogmen follow-up movie, which is slated to open during 2015 Chinese New Year, is expected to exploit the same formula as the Ah Boys To Men two-part franchise.

Not only will it be released in two parts to make people fork out twice the amount to watch one movie, it will contain less than half the amount of realism experienced by Naval Divers.

However, watching too many Jack Neo movies prove too much to take for the actors, as they were seen convulsing and foaming at the mouth after watching just the second movie.

A hospital personnel who attended to the actors, Kua Noh Koon, said: “I don’t know what is worse. Watching Jack Neo movies or starring in them.”

“But they deserve it.”

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