S’poreans saddened super high cost of living finally caught up with ministers’ salaries

Posted on 04 March 2014

They should pay themselves more to cope with inflation.


Singaporeans from all walks of life who earn a pittance are deeply saddened by news that Singapore has just been ranked the number one most expensive city on planet Earth.

They said their source of sadness stems from the fact that the high cost of living here has finally caught up with ministers’ salaries and they are worried that office holders will not have enough.

Mei You Qian, a local, said: “Poor ministers, now how can they buy many things with only a few million dollars?”

However, other locals interviewed said they finally understood why high salaries for ministers has all along been justified.

One Singaporean, Lin Na Beh, said: “Ohhh… They were paying themselves a lot because they were planning ahead for this day to happen where Singapore is ranked the most expensive city.”

“I guess it is time to plan ahead again for the future.”

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