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S’poreans touched by British expat Anton Casey’s heartfelt apology

Posted on 22 January 2014

Nothing screams sincerity than an apology by a PR company apologising on his behalf.


Singaporeans from all walks of life are touched to the core.

This after turnip-head, pasty-faced British expat Anton Casey sincerely apologised to Singaporeans of all stripes for calling them poor and smelly.

The heartfelt apology was made through a public relations company Fulford Public Relations that Casey had hired because money can buy remorse.

One Singaporean, Dui Bu Qi, said: “I can totally sense the sincerity and repentance in the apology. There is nothing that screams ‘I am truly, deeply sorry!’ than an apology written by a PR firm.”

Other Singaporeans, who heard the apology, teared as they could feel that it was from somewhere deep inside Casey’s soul.

Another local, Zhen Bao Qian, said: “The apology must have come straight from the heart and soul of Anton Casey. I can tell because it sounds like it was written by the intern working in the PR company, who probably spent 10 minutes on it, before heading out for drinks at the end of work.”

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  • Letterman

    What a phony. A nitwit who couldn’t make it in Essex and now digging a
    hole big enough for himself and his retarded son in Singapore. Perhaps
    Anton should quit before he is fired, And he should leave before he is
    FORCED to leave. ( with his tail between his legs) . Singaporeans should
    bring this matter to ICA and see that the AUTHORITIES send him home or
    to jail , AFTERALL, ISN’T SEDITION which caused riots in Singapore in
    the 1950s-1960s era happening right now at a time when Anton the MORON
    is causing FRICTION and DISHARMONY amongst the people of Singapore?
    Send the troublemaker home, or to jail if he so PREFERS!

  • Mephistopheles

    I agree with Letterman.

    Anton, we chinese has a saying “your harvest the fruit of you planted yesterday”, and the karma goes to your son, he does look a mentally disabled from the video. May God bless your family.

  • rjay

    I hope your child is retarded so they can have retarded children so they can be poor and ride the public transport.

    • MJ

      wishing someone’s child to be mentally challenged makes you no better Anton.. it made you worse actually.

    • Empathy

      The son is innocent. Let’s pity the son for being exposed to such bad conditions. I hope the son will grow up to be a good person in spite of this.

  • chow angmoh

    ya right, i am so touched by his sincerety that i cried buckets of tears. after his apologies, he send out his lawyer letters….who wrote this article? no wonder no one buys new nation!!!

    • English

      The writer was being sarcastic.

    • English

      The writer was being sarcastic.

  • sofiq

    i saw the video and he arrogantly said “be angry with your mummy and daddy for raising you a wuss” The irony is behind him was his son whom i thought was a down syndrome child, yet he’s insulting the locals as wuss? WTF!? Here is a FAT UGLY ANG MOH (bet no girls want to marry him back in UK) insulting the locals and calling one taxi driver a “retard” for wearing arm warmers and mittens, yet his own son looks like a retard and the irony of all he’s married to a S’porean woman who’s the typical SPG type (The type who only dates ang mohs). That got me thinking since he enjoys insulting S’poreans as poor,smelly and wimpy, does he treat his wife as stupid SPG who only married him for his money (hint: wife poor) and who is smelly in bed and a wuss ?

    • Botak-O

      Down’s syndrome child? His son a retard? One thing is that he truly deserve a hard time for his remarks. But to attack and call a 5 year old by names like that makes you no better than his father. Shame on you

      • look carefully

        His son isn’t a Down syndrome child, he was making a racist “chinese” face (slanty eyes, buck teeth impression) throughout the response video. The son isn’t too far from his dad. Look at the MRT photo to see the son’s real face.

        • Empathy

          The son is innocent. We should pity the son for being exposed to such bad conditions. I hope the son will grow up to be a good person in spite of this.

  • avalon

    Know something – this Casey is indeed a contemptible low life – I would like know how the Singaporean Chinese like being at receiving end of this kind of grotesque arrogance & racism – they often dish out themselves liberally & regularly. “Mirror mirror on the wall – am I this UGLY!”

  • Minority Report

    Moral of the story. Do not make judgements about the smell of public transport if you have not washed your mouth and nose after giving your female partner some oral pleasure. You may attribute the smell to the wrong source. Clever men do not make this mistake. They are known as cunning linguists.

  • miliukov

    What a wonderful post

  • Believer

    I don’t believe.. sorry

  • Michael Tan

    This is not true! We are not touch and do not accept his apology.

  • Kel

    Kick this tart out if Asia!

    • Kel


  • Lynda

    Both face so retarded!

  • Elysium Kapoor

    Spread the joy.

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  • Elysium Kapoor

    Time for Singapore to take action

  • Marie

    Hahaha I love sarcasm.

  • Marcel

    I understand if we all like to address our wrath to the big guy. I don’t think it’s fair however to also call names and be mean to the son, he doesn’t know any better, so I think we should refrain our selves from badgering the son otherwise we are no better than Anton himself, in fact we will be worse since we are essentially bullying that poor kid.

  • Kiki Annihilation

    Sorry, is this supposed to be a sarcastic post? Coz I’m pretty sure all the quotes of comments are sarcastic in nature.

  • apl

    F**Ked up child of god.

  • Truely, Deeply, Really?

    Ho ho ho… If one cannot learn our culture over all these years, perhaps one is not ready to stay in singapore long term?

    Anyways, why is one so proud of one’s zero sum games? One dont own the product. One dont make the product. One well need to Remember that one’s wealth is made through the lost of countless others. One have created no value (except for some entertaining news recently), contributed nothing to the society we know (except for probably air pollution from extra consumption of fuel to drive 2 and a half).

    Read at your own risk. Comments are totally for the entertainment of everyone and should not be taken seriously. Should it sound like any person, object, pets or little ones in real life. It must be a coincidence.

    I dont understand why people can take things to seriously. Seriously?

  • Gerrald Leow

    What is your view ? Another Ang mo Michael Withheld running down Singapore saying that our Country run by a group of White thugs and calling Singaporean “Stupid” read all abt it @ OR…/posts/G5Kqxtd1o5C…

  • Han

    So proven that moronic look did passed down to next generation.

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  • Georgina

    I watched the video by Anton Casey with his son and was horrified that the well-heeled couple has taught their son to be racist at such a young age. Watch the video. The son’s eyes were taped by the sides to make them look like slits. In western countries, racist thugs make “chinky eyes” to insult the Chinese. Anton and his son also showed their two front teeth, another racist parody of the Chinese people and their so-called buck teeth appearance.

    His son does not naturally have slit eyes so I believe it was intentional. What do Singaporeans make of this racist family? I know that Bernice Wong has also made sweeping statements of Singaporean makes, accusing the, of being effeminate and sheltered.

  • Lim Sweet Say

    Unfortunately, the British bullfrog was not entirely wrong. Truth is, I have encountered many retarded local taxi drivers who are unhelpful, unfriendly and treat passengers as if the passengers owe them a living. And riding a speeding capsule stuffed with sweaty bodies, clothes and dirty footwears with bad breath and unwashed mouths just inches away from you is not exactly heavenly.

    If you are rich, do you need to subject yourself to crowded spaces and ill bred services?

    Now you know why MPs and Ministers need to be paid heavenly salary?

  • Betula

    he should just go back to his own country and be the loser that he already is

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