S’poreans strip Bernice Wong of Miss Singapore Universe 2003 crown

Posted on 25 January 2014

Singaporeans unanimously decide they do not have a 2003 Miss Singapore Universe winner.


Bernice Wong, wife of Anton Casey, has been stripped of her Miss Singapore Universe 2003 crown by Singaporeans.

One local, who belongs to the group Residents Empowered To Act Relatively Daringly Enforcing Decisions (RETARDED), said they no longer recognise Wong as a Miss Singapore Universe title holder after the recent uproar her husband Anton Casey caused.

Lin Nao Hia, a RETARDED spokesperson, said: “We have no winner for 2003. The title is currently vacant. We are holding an Internet poll to get Singaporeans to vote who they want as the new Miss Singapore Universe 2003.”

Currently, Serina Wee is in the lead with 63,665 votes, followed by Chibabom with 554 votes and in third place is Wong Li-Lin with one vote.


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S’poreans strip Bernice Wong of Miss Singapore Universe 2003 crown

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  • ling

    Let the first runner up takes over the title?

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  • susumu10000 .

    im australian citizen living in perth,i often go to singapore,singaporeans are very peaceful ,nice,the city is well managed,im shocked for casey comment about singaporeans ,shame on him ,we dont want him in perth,we are too dirty for him ,hehe and we lovin it…

  • Thatsit IT

    Tempers seem to be raging, all should take a minute and think, what has the wife (Bernice) done except being married to that Fool. she should not be balmed.

    • SGP not SPG

      Hahahahaha she should not be balmed but she should be blamed!

  • David Ting

    What she done wrong is not because she’s Anton’s wife, but also because she say bad things about Singaporean men. She is being racist and these kind of people shouldn’t be anyway near the Miss Singapore title at all. Disgraceful to us Singaporeans.

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  • skyluck

    There are no excuses for Anton Casey’s dehumanizing tirades, but Bernice Wong’s generalizations about SGP men being immature, sheltered–while no doubt a common excuse among self-hating Asian women of her ilk with the Pinkerton Syndrome, do have some truth, at least among the young Asian men in school who excel in academic excellence but relying on their parents for financial support, cooking and even laundry. That Singaporeans themselves voted for her multiple times (2005-2012?) as model of beauty speak volume about the values of the people who are hating her now.Self criticism is the gate way to enlightenment.