S’poreans fear police enhanced powers to strip search will attract exhibitionists to Little India

Posted on 21 January 2014

The fear of an exposed rear is real.


Singaporeans from all walks of life in varying states of undress are cowering in fear.

This after it was announced that the Singapore police has been given the go-ahead to strip search any person suspected of carrying alcohol within the vicinity of Little India.

One frightened Singaporean, Jin Kia See, said: “Later what if got exhibitionists purposely hide a bottle of alcohol in their backside and taunt the police to strip search him?”

“Then wouldn’t Little India attract all the exhibitionists who want other people to see them never wear clothes?”

Other locals interviewed said there are other reasons why it is untenable to strip search people these days.

Boh Cheng Sah, a local, said: “What if they strip already they aroused, how?”

“Then wouldn’t there be sexual corruption?”

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