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Fare hike benefits all S’poreans

Posted on 19 January 2014

Public transport costs will inevitably go up because service has been improving non-stop.


Singaporeans will only stand to benefit from the inevitable public transport fare hike as services have been improving and will continue to do so, Singaporeans were told today.

A transport authority, Hua Tua Chia, explained that the latest round of fare increases is ultimately sound because improvements have occurred and these costs money: “The fare hike is due to the many recent improvements in the public transport system.”

“For example, instead of breaking down everyday, trains are breaking down once every few weeks. This is a vast improvement.”

“Yes, buses are still overcrowded, but if you noticed, they don’t spontaneously catch fire. So that’s a good thing.”

Singaporeans interviewed said they agree with this line of reasoning.

One local, Jiang Huai Hua, said: “Ya, Tuck Yew.”

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