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SBS Transit, SMRT happen to submit applications to raise fares at the same time

Posted on 19 December 2013

Total coincidence, both transport operators swear.


The two major public bus transport operators in Singapore are swearing that it is pure coincidence that they happen to both submit applications to raise fares at the same time.

This after both transport operators are both applying to raise fares at the same time.

Da Ba Shi, a Singaporean who can only afford taking public transport, said: “I totally believe they are not in cahoots with each other. This is not the workings of a cartel or monopoly but a chance occurrence due to coincidence.”

“The free market produces such miracles sometimes, right?”

The authorities have also confirmed that the transport operators work independently of each other and do not fix prices together.

A transport authority spokesperson, Bu Pian Yi, said: “It is all luck. Just so happens to be like that.”

“Nothing to see here. Move along now.”

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